My own children were involved in several different sports it just made sense that I would photograph them. Over the years, I trained myself to watch their games through the camera lens. In fact, it feels incredibly awkward when I don't photograph a game or event . . . I never know what to do with my hands!   

Sports Photography is as much about timing as it is about patience. Knowing where the next play is going to happen isn't always easy to predict, and you're not always going to get "The Best" shot during one game. That's why, when you hire me to photograph your child's sporting event, I attend more than one game. I also do a private Sports Portrait Session with them so that you have both the action shots as well as the posed shots. 

For game photography, I only travel to games in Centre County, PA so be sure to share their schedule with me so I can get their games on my schedule!

Sports Portraits

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